Wannan motor _YE3/YX3-71~132 aluminum frame series multistage pump motor


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Frame size: 71~315

Power: 0.25kW~315kW

Pole number: 2P.4P

Voltage (V):380V or other voltage

Frequency (Hz):50Hz or 60Hz

Protection level: IP55

Insulation level: F

Energy efficiency rating: national standard 2, 3 energy efficiency

Supporting multi-stage pump, very suitable for used in high-rise layer water booster, the long-distance water supply and need pressure experimental equipment pressurization occasions, can satisfy the District, the large buildings (such as schools, military units, large factories, etc.), villas and other occasions the living water; buildings, offices etc. commercial building group of refrigeration and air conditioning system pressurization and fire booster; waterworks remote booster; aspiration all construction site does not contain impurities of water;

YE3 series of multi-stage pump motor efficiency to achieve GB18613-2012 "small and medium-sized motor energy efficiency standards and energy efficiency rating" 2 energy efficiency standards. Efficiency compared with the corresponding specifications of the YX3 series, the average efficiency is improved by 2%-3%; compared with the corresponding specifications of the ordinary Y2 series, the efficiency is increased by about 10%, and the 50~100% load range has a relatively flat efficiency characteristics;

The installation size and power level are in full compliance with the IEC standard and the DIN42673 standard, and the cooling mode is IC411;

The level of protection IP55, cast iron shell dust splash and structure optimization, in line with international standards, safety protection;

Using F level insulation, high heat resistance, strong impact resistance, long life, can be competent in harsh environment;

The use of famous brand bearings, silicon steel sheet and enamelled round copper wire, security performance;

Standardized design, high quality raw materials, advanced processing equipment and perfect quality assurance system, energy saving effect is remarkable, small vibration, low noise, stable performance, safe and reliable.

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